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    Outside the province > Pure Huang Xiaoxi double flight for 5 days

    Pure Huang Xiaoxi double flight for 5 days

    Pure Huang Xiaoxi double flight for 5 days

    Price: 2799 yuan person  

    Fat ban Date: Yue from No. hair every day

    ?Essential attractions

    l  Huangguoshu Scenic Area AAAAA -level scenic area, full of waterfalls to enjoy the waterfall! 0 distance contact! There are many waterfalls, Tianxing Bridge, and steep slope pond.

    l  Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village -the world's largest Miao ethnic minority village, almost lost ethnic handicrafts, tasting Miao family sour soup fish, eating a table banquet for Miao parents, and the stilted buildings built on the mountain show the style of Miao village

    l  Xiaoqikong Scenic Area AAAAA -level scenic spot , exploring the emerald Wolongtan on the plateau, wading in the forest on the water, people walking on the water, and water flowing in the forest

    l  Tianhe Lake 4A scenic spot , a collection of flood and drought caves

    ?Itinerary features

    l  Really pure play, no shopping, all in one price , not long time can be fun, you must integrate into the national culture if you have a deep play, this is Guizhou pure play

    l  Product special meals [Xijiang Ancient Miao Miao Singing Banquet] [Farmers Banquet in Waterfall Township] .

    l  Special car pick-up service without waiting for 24 hours

    l  Brand self-operated fleet, full-time driver no change of car or tour guide throughout the whole journey, starting and ending at the hotel every day, full service to the end

    l  presented daily bottle of mineral water, Guizhou Maotai town of Maotai liquor (worth 598 Yuan / bottle, limited to one meal a table), Guizhou food supplement "Laoganma" (limited to one meal)

    l  brigade way medical kit : band-aid, medical gauze, iodine disinfection cotton, medical cotton swab , etc., emergency support, caring and thoughtful .





    With meals


    first day

    Pick up



    the next day

    Xiaoqikong Xijiang

    Morning, noon and night

    Xijiang Kerry

    The first three days

    Xijiang Anshun



    The first four- days




    Fifth day

    Tianhetan Send Station



    Departure Place ?Guiyang

    Breakfast: none

    Lunch: none

    Dinner: none

    Accommodation: Guiyang

    Welcome to the beautiful forest city-Guiyang. Today, we will report the gathering time for tourists from all over the country to Guiyang. There are no attractions arranged throughout the day, and there is no free time for guests. If guests want to go out after arriving at the hotel, please keep your valuables, pay attention to safety, and return to the hotel as early as possible to rest in the evening.

    Recommended attractions

    [Qianling Mountain Park], Internet celebrity attractions [Huaguoyuan Wetland Park, White House]

    Guiyang Food Guide

    [Snack Street] Erqi Road Address: Guiyang Railway Station Hongtong City Business Hours: 12:00-22:00

    [Snack Street] Datong Street Address: Datong Street, the fountain in Yunyan District Business hours: 10:00-22:00

    [Night Market Street] Qingyun Road Address: East Section of Qingyun Road, Nanming District Business Hours: 19:00—4:00 in the morning

    [Night Market Street] Shaanxi Road Address: Shaanxi Road, Yunyan District Business Hours: 19:00—4:00 in the morning

    D 2

    Xiaoqi Kong ? West River

    Breakfast: early

    Lunch: included

    Dinner: included

    Accommodation: Xijiang /Kaili

    After breakfast, go to [Xiaoqikong Scenic Area] (play for no less than 3 hours) ( including battery car 40 yuan/person, insurance 10 yuan/person). You need to transfer to the battery car between the scenic spots. The Xiaoqikong Scenic Area is built in Daoguang 15. It is named after the small seven-hole stone bridge in 1836. The scenic spot is called "super bonsai", which integrates mountains, water, caves, forests, lakes, waterfalls, etc., in the canyon less than 2 kilometers long, there are [68 waterfalls], and they descend. Rushed away. [Raya Waterfall] is exquisite and intoxicating, with splashes of water droplets; while the [Water Forest] which is less than 600 meters long, the roots of the trees are on the wrong stone, and the clear water washes the blue stones, walking in it, if you are in the Qiongyao Immortal Pool. Yuanyang Lake (30 yuan per person for a cruise, free to take a tour at your own expense), the name is fascinating at first glance. Drifting a boat on the lake is refreshing and lingering.

    After the ride to the West River (about 3 hours by car) [Xijiang Miao Village] (play less than 2 hours) ( inclusive of four-pass total battery car 20 yuan / person), take scenic cable car thirty-five together on viewing Enjoy the beautiful Xijiang River (if you live in the Xijiang River, you can go to the viewing platform to have a panoramic view of the Xijiang River). You can take a stroll along the river for a drink of tea or stroll around the river with a full atmosphere. Enjoy a special meal in Xijiang [Ancient Miao Song Banquet].

    Note: In case of shortage of housing in Xijiang during the peak season, this itinerary does not guarantee that you can stay in Xijiang. Please understand!

    Reminder: The inn needs to bring luggage and walk (10-20 minutes) to the inn in the scenic area.


    West River ? Anshun

    Breakfast: early

    Lunch: included

    Dinner: none

    Accommodation: Anshun

    After breakfast, visit the Xijiang River, which is filled with morning mist. The feasting and feasting has faded away. The bronze skin of Xijiang River is exposed in front of you, which has a different flavor compared with the brilliant lights at night. Walking through the streets and alleys, watching the thin morning mist pervading the stilted buildings gradually dissipate; the "Beauty Reliant" is in a daze or looking at the stacks of stilted wooden buildings, the Baishui River is crystal clear, passing through the village; life is So calm and comfortable. In the paradise of Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, everything is fresh, everything is curious, everything is the subject of photography, and the natural beauty is fixed in memory, strolling through the ancient streets, resting on the wind and rain bridge, and experiencing the rural life Bring you peace.

    Then take a car (about 3.5h) to check in to the hotel. After the tour, take a bus to the hotel to arrange check-in. After check-in, you can freely move around, enjoy free time , taste local special snacks, and feel the charm of "sour and spicy" food culture during self-tour activities, please pay attention to personal and property safety, and remember to go out. Hotel phone number and location, and contact information of local emergency contact, please take a regular taxi to travel .


    Huangguoshu ? Guiyang

    Breakfast: early

    Lunch: included

    Dinner: none

    Accommodation: Guiyang

    After breakfast, about 7:00, take a bus to the national 5A level [Huangguoshu Scenic Area] (play for no less than 3 hours, including battery car 50 yuan/person, insurance 10 yuan/person; the cost does not include). After arriving at the scenic spot, take the scenic spot to be environmentally friendly car. [Tianxing Bridge Scenic Area] The wonderful combination of stones, trees, and water here is a natural bonsai scenic area transformed from a stone forest on the water. (Browse the upper half of the scenic spot).

    【Huangguoshu Waterfall】The third largest waterfall in the world and the largest waterfall in Asia is 77.8 meters high and 101 meters wide. It is the most spectacular waterfall in the waterfall group. waterfall.

    【Deeppotang Waterfall】It is located 1 km upstream of Huangguoshu Waterfall. It is the widest waterfall among the Huangguoshu Waterfalls. Doupotang Waterfall has a special phenomenon. Whenever the flood arrives, the waterfall will roar and roar, so it is also called Hou Waterfall.

    Then return to Guiyang (2 hours by car)


    Tianhetan ?Send off station

    Breakfast: early

    Lunch: none

    Dinner: none

    Accommodation: None

    After breakfast about 8:00 to visit the complimentary scenic spot [Tianhetan Scenic Area] Tianhetan is a scenic area dominated by typical karst natural scenery and supplemented by the culture of historical celebrities and hermits. It has the characteristics of crooked river valleys and steep ravines. 【Shuixiu】and 【Wolong Waterfall】【Sky Star Flower Sea】have different shapes. They have the reputation of Guizhou condensed landscape and bonsai. They are known as "the best in Guizhou" by the world.

    Note: This itinerary Tianhetan only presents the outdoor scenery tour (including water show, Wolong Waterfall, Tianxing Flower Sea), if you need to buy a pass to play, please make up the difference by yourself.

    Special reminder: [Tianhetan] For gift attractions, if you can't visit due to irresistible factors or voluntarily giving up, no refund will be given; additional free tickets for sending attractions will not be refunded)

    After the tour, return to the coach to send the group together and end the pleasant trip to Guizhou. Please bring your personal belongings. Colorful Guizhou welcomes you again.

    Reminder: In case of uncontrollable factors affecting the gifted attractions, no refund will be made, and if you voluntarily give up, no refund will be made!

    After the itinerary, the tour bus will be sent to the same station. The plane, high-speed rail, and train will only be sent to each station once in the order of return time.

    Guiyang return big time reference transportation: train or high-speed rail (1 5 : 0 Do), flight (1 5 : 00 and beyond), in order to avoid big traffic delays at least two hours in advance to arrange to send visitors to the site ready to return.

    【Access Standard】





    Cost includes

    Transportation: The air tickets from Wenzhou to Guiyang cannot be changed and cannot be refunded.

    Transportation: Regular air-conditioned tourist bus (variable type, guaranteed for one person).

    Accommodation: 3 nights in a local comfortable hotel, or one night in Xijiang Special Inn, upgrade to a local luxury hotel (this trip does not provide triple rooms, no shared rooms, if adults do not occupy the bed, including half of the difference between early check-out)

    Tickets: Tickets for Huangguoshu, Tickets for Xiaoqikong, Tickets for Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, Tickets for the First Road of Tianhetan

    Small traffic:

    1. Huangguoshu battery car is 50 yuan/person , and insurance is 10 yuan/person ;

    2. Xijiang battery car is 20 yuan/person;

    3. A small seven-hole battery car is 40 yuan/person; insurance is 10 yuan/person

    Meals: 4 breakfasts and meals included (standard meals at 30 yuan per person, guaranteed 10 dishes and 1 soup, less dishes for less than 10 people)   

    Special meal standard 40 yuan/person [Ancient Miao Miao Singing Banquet] 30 yuan/person [Farmhouse Banquet in Waterfall Township] No refund will be given if there is no meal.  

    Tour guide: Excellent licensed tour guide service (the pick-up station is staff of travel agency).

    Insurance: Travel agency liability insurance.

    The cost does not include

    [Insurance]: Travel accident insurance is not included. (It is recommended to purchase travel accident insurance by yourself)

    1. Huangguoshu escalator is 30 yuan/person for one way, 50 yuan/person for round trip;

    2. Xiaoqikong Yuanyang Lake boating fee is 30 yuan/person; big Qikong cruise is 40 yuan round trip,

    3. Tianhetan battery car 30 yuan/person , insurance 2 yuan/person

    Additional paid attractions or entertainment items in the scenic area, please choose voluntarily according to your preferences.

    Children include

    (2-14 years old) only includes parking space and half board .

    Children not included

    Hotel breakfast, beds, tickets, sightseeing car, battery car, ropeway, cruise fee, etc. If the gift items are generated, please take care of themselves according to actual charges. Additional paid attractions or entertainment items in the scenic area, please choose voluntarily according to your preferences.


    Value-added services

    1. One bottle of mineral water per person per day

    2. One of the meals will be delivered with "Lao Ganma" complementary food

    3. A bottle of Maotai Town Maotai-flavor liquor worth 598 yuan (one table only) for one meal of each group

    Gift items

    Attractions: [ Tianhetan ] (If the gift attractions cannot be visited due to time issues or irresistible factors, or exemptions will not be refunded.)



    Scenic discounts


    Participants of half-ticket: full-time students, holding a valid student ID that has been registered in the school.

    Free ticket object:

    1?Children under the age of 14 (half-ticket for some scenic spots over 1.2 meters, subject to the actual charging standard of the scenic spot).

    2?Hold a valid ID card over 60 years old.

    3?Hold a valid disability certificate.

    4?Hold a valid tour guide certificate, journalist, and active military (officer) certificate.

    Recommended items

    Recommended at own expense Colorful Guizhou style or [Guixiu performance]

    Refund instructions

    Travel agencies need to register with the tourist’s identity verification name when purchasing tickets, and please cooperate with the tour guide to show their ID card.

    Refund standard:

    Half ticket refund 50 yuan/person (Huangguoshu 20 yuan/person, Xiaoqikong 15 yuan/person, Xijiang 15 yuan/person)

    Free ticket refund 100 yuan/person ( Huangguoshu 40 yuan/person, Xiaoqikong 30 yuan/person, Xijiang 30 yuan/person )

    Cancellation of meals and room use will not be refunded! Gift items are exempt, no refunds!

    【Reference Hotel】

    The following reference hotels have no rooms. Our agency has the right to arrange other hotels of the same level.


    Alternative Hotel


    Guiyang Comfortable Hotel Alternatives : Lydia Platinum Haojue, Bormei, Wangyuan Yuanjiarui, Qikeju 55+1 Folklore , Miaomiaoxinyuan , Ruilaiwu, 7Days Premium Hotel, Yuanjia Rui Hotel, Qimeng Hotel, Yihai Hotel, Federer or similar.

    Guiyang luxury hotel options: Xiaohe Slip Home , North Station Yakeju, North Station Qianyunxuan, Yishang, Carlton Hotel, Carrison Yuehe Hotel, Jinjiang Metropolis, Bailing International, Ramada Encore, Bailin Hengxitian Hotel, Huirong Hotel, Huaxi Qunsheng Garden Hotel or similar

    Xijiang /Kerry

    Xijiang Special Inn Alternatives: Butterfly Mother B&B, Miao’s Feige, Butterfly Valley, Guixin Miaoli, Qingyaju, Futaixuan, Bafang, Miaojing, Qianhu Courtyard, Qingyaxuan, Tonggenwan or similar

    Carey Comfort Hotel Alternative: Man dill flowers Jinrui Hao Hotel, Proton's H Hotel, Miaoxiu, Belgravia, excellent drive and Sunchon, Shang Yi style, West Gard or similar.


    Long Lane Comfort Inn Alternative: Alternative : Burley county Buyi Joyner Kwong-loi or similar

    Longli luxury hotel alternatives : Granville Bund Xiyuan Jinrun Yunana Resort Hotel or similar


    Anshun Comfortable Hotel Alternative: Xixiushan Hotel Yunshang Hotel Anshun Oasis Newspaper Hotel Vientiane No. 1 Hotel Shunjing Hotel Anshun Pearls Hotel Anshun Lanbo Bay Style Hotel or similar

    Anshun luxury hotel alternative : Anshun Yuancheng Hotel Anshun Huabodu Holiday Hotel Anshun Yuantong Heyue Holiday Hotel Anshun Sunshine Flower Holiday Hotel Mercure Hotel (Anshun West Station Branch) or similar

    Pingba light luxury alternative: Ping An, Marriott equivalent

    Note: In the case of housing resources in Guizhou, when the above alternative hotels are full, our agency has the right to adjust to hotels of the same level.

    [Important Reminder]: Please read carefully

    1. Adults are required to bring valid special certificates (military officer ID, old age certificate, etc.), and children's household registration book

    2. The local dining tastes are more spicy, and the dishes of ordinary team restaurants are more similar. It is recommended that tourists bring some accompanying meals.

    3. In case of force majeure or policy adjustments that make it impossible to visit the scenic spots (traffic jams, road closures, landslides, etc.), they can be changed or cancelled with the signature and approval of all tourists. Some scenic spots and hotels have their own shopping malls and shopping venues for the convenience of tourists. They are not tourist shopping stores arranged by our agency. We cannot accept such complaints. Please understand. 4. Guizhou is a subtropical humid monsoon climate zone. The forest coverage rate of the scenic area is above 95% and the rain is abundant. Please bring the necessary mosquito repellent drugs, motion sickness drugs, sunscreen products, sunglasses, sun hats, umbrellas, and travel shoes as much as possible. , Should avoid wearing leather shoes, high heels. At the same time, it is recommended to bring your own medicine or granules for clearing away heat and relieving heat. 5. Remember the tour guide's mobile phone number for backup, and pay attention to personal and property safety. Valuables can be stored in the safe at the front desk of the hotel, and the name and location of the hotel where you are staying must also be kept in mind. Don't just trust strangers, especially three-wheeled motorcycles and street-haired advertisers. There is no free lunch in the world. 6. In tourism activities, we should abide by social public order and social ethics, respect local customs, cultural traditions and religious beliefs, care for tourism resources, protect the ecological environment, abide by the norms of civilized tourism behavior, civilized tourism, civilized travel, and consciously take care of scenic spots The flowers, trees, cultural relics and historical sites of the country shall not be arbitrarily climbed, do not scribble on scenic spots and historical sites, do not litter garbage, respect local ethnic minority customs, etc. Many scenic spots and hotels are surrounded by small vendors. If you don't intend to buy, please don't bargain with them. Once you have negotiated the price, you will easily have conflicts. Please keep a normal mind when traveling. Don't be impatient in case of trouble. We should be considerate and help each other. 7. Please cooperate with the tour guide to fill in the local "Tourist Opinion Form" truthfully. The complaint of tourists is based on the opinion form filled out by the tourists themselves during the itinerary. It will be difficult to accept complaints from those who do not fill in or fill in the blank after they return. If there is any objection to the service standard of the travel agency during the itinerary, please try to resolve it locally in the scenic spot. If it cannot be resolved locally during the tour, it can be filed locally to remind: the time limit for travel complaints is valid within 15 days from the date of departure. 8. Local characteristic tourism items and notification content of other scenic spots not included in the itinerary, if necessary, you can contact the tour guide, arrange the time reasonably, and leave no regrets for the tour. The local tour guide can make reasonable arrangements according to the best time for the experience.

    9. According to Articles 9 to 16 of Chapter II of the Tourism Law of the People's Republic of China, tourists are requested to respect the personality and religious beliefs of tourism practitioners, and must not harm or infringe the lawful rights and interests of tourism practitioners.

    10. In order to ensure the service quality of tourism practitioners and ensure the safety, health and convenience of tourism services for tourists, tourism practitioners may record during the travel process. (If there is recording or video recording, the tour guide will inform the tourists in advance)

    [Guide to Tourists]: Please read carefully

    1?In the actual trip of this product, the tour guide and driver may make appropriate adjustments to your itinerary according to the weather, traffic and other conditions (such as adjusting the order of the scenic spots, etc.) without reducing the attractions and obtaining the consent of the guests. To ensure the smooth progress of the trip. If the original itinerary plan cannot be implemented due to force majeure and other factors, for the cost change caused by this, no cost will be incurred, and the refund will be made in accordance with our agency's refund standard. Please cooperate. During the trip, if force majeure causes the scenic spot to fail to play normally, the tour guide can cancel or replace the scenic spot according to the actual situation after consultation with the guest, or the tour guide will refund the fee according to the door fare in the tourism product on the spot, and the refund will not be Please understand that the listed price of the scenic spot shall prevail.

    2?In case of unexpected circumstances such as road conditions, it is necessary to change the assembly time, then the tour guide or the person accompanying the vehicle shall prevail.

    3?For gift items, the scenic spot has the right to decide whether to provide it according to its own carrying capacity, weather factors and other reasons, and guests can also choose to participate or not to participate.

    4? Tourists holding preferential certificates such as senior citizen card, military officer card, student card, etc. can enjoy the preferential policies for scenic spot tickets, and the specific policies are subject to the announcement of the scenic spot on the day of travel. Eligible tourists should note the relevant information when signing the contract and bring the preferential certificate when traveling. The tour guide will arrange the package uniformly at that time, and the difference will be refunded on the spot according to the preferential price enjoyed by the guest in the packaged itinerary.

    5. Due to the limited local economic conditions, there will be a certain gap in transportation, hotel services and facilities, catering and other aspects compared with developed cities. Please understand.

    6?Tourists have meals, and travel agencies ensure food hygiene and the number of meals in accordance with the promised standards. However, the tastes of meals in different regions are different, which may not meet the tastes of tourists. Please forgive me.

    7?In the travel itinerary, there are shopping places such as shopping malls in individual scenic spots, scenic spots, restaurants, rest areas and other places. The above-mentioned places are not designated shopping places arranged by travel agencies. Snacks, canteens, snacks and wild fruits, etc. Tourists are reminded to consume rationally and ask for necessary bills according to their own needs. If there is a consumption dispute, please bear the relevant responsibilities and obligations, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused!

    9. During the group itinerary, tourists are not allowed to leave the group or leave the group without the consent of the leader/guide. After the team leader/tour guide agrees, you should sign a letter of responsibility for leaving the group and be responsible for your personal and property safety, which has nothing to do with the agency. The unfinished part will be deemed to have been given up by you, and the itinerary that has actually caused losses will not be refunded.

    10?In the tourist season or some other special circumstances, in order to ensure that your itinerary is not affected, the departure time of the itinerary may be earlier (the specific departure time is subject to the guide's notice), which will result in you not being able to enjoy the hotel breakfast normally. We recommend that you coordinate with the hotel to pack breakfast or bring your own breakfast, please understand.


    ¥ 2799
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